Inventory of Risk Management - Risk Assessment methods and tools

The purpose of this website is to disseminate information on available Risk Management methods and tools.

For this purpose ENISA has created an inventory of methods and tools. The inventory is an open list; additional methods are being included according to request from method or tool owners. For this purpose, ENISA has developed a process for submission of additional methods through relevant stakeholders, as well as a process to update existing inventory entries.

Each method in the inventory has been described through a template. The template used consists of 21 attributes that describe characteristics of a method.

The structure of the template and the meaning of each attribute can be found here.

Interested stakeholders may use available templates to communicate to ENISA information about the published items (methods or tools). Similarly, interested stakeholders may update information that is already published (e.g. new features, additional information etc.).

ENISA does not review or alter the content of the submitted information. The material published is as communicated to ENISA by the relevant stakeholder (i.e. vendor, standardization body, etc.), who is also responsible for the published content.